Colour Me Kind is a pay-it-forward movement where we invite you to do something kind to brighten someone's day without expecting anything in return!

Hashtag #colourmekind on FB, Instagram, and Twitter for any action of kindness you would like to share with us. You will be featured here!

Jen - "When paying for my own order at Tim Horton's, I handed the cashier 15$ extra to pay for anyone else that came after me."


This past winter, Alexis, Jen and Brooke went to shovel the driveway at the home of a mother and daughter who are struggling a bit in life physically and financially. They then proceeded to purchase groceries and some basic necessities and dropped it off at the family's home a few days later.


This is the page where your acts of selfless service will be put on display! We hope to create a massive community of compassion. Help us start our page today by contacting us in one form or another to let us know about any selfless actions that you either witness or take part in yourself. 



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