The Backstory

Being the one to suffer through an addiction or mental illness is one thing. Being the family member or friend of the one suffering is another. Colour Me Worthy was born to provide a perspective of both sides of  the battle and to offer support and healing for everyone that darkness touches and to offer a message of hope - You are not alone.

This organization was created based on the first hand experiences of the Frizell family:

Our family has had to navigate through the sea of mental illnesses and the disease of addiction since about 2008. Quite often we felt lost & alone and most definitely witnessed the lack of supports & services available for those suffering, as well as the stigma that accompanies illnesses such as these.

Too many times, individuals suffering from any of these illnesses are turned away from or don’t get the care & support that they need and/or are not taken seriously and due to this, quite often we have heard of people succumbing to their illness as a result.

THIS IS NOT OK. Addiction and Mental Illnesses are just that, illnesses. Just like Diabetes, AIDS, Lupus, MS or Cancer - and they should be treated as such.

These illnesses are REAL. The people who suffer from them are REAL. Whether it's PTSD, Post Partum Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety...whatever their illness might be, they are REAL and they deserve just as much acknowledgement, support, understanding & care as any other.

We want to create change. We want to raise awareness. We want to help bring knowledge, support & understanding regarding these illnesses to everyone and stop the ignorance. We want to spread the message that there is no shame in being sick and that recovery is possible, no matter what stage you are at in your journey. We hope to do this via awareness talks throughout our community (and beyond eventually), through volunteering, through hosting events and fundraisers, through collaborating with organizations that have similar goals and mandates and finally,                 by opening up an all-encompassing holistic recovery centre with a medical detox, aftercare program                            and animal therapy model.