Our Team

Meet the people behind the compassionate community of Colour Me Worthy

Jen Frizell

President / Co-Founder

As the mom of a daughter who has battled mental illness and addiction, I have walked the journey from a loved ones' perspective. Throughout this journey, I have felt lost & alone and wasn't quite sure where to go for which services. As a result of this, I came to realize that my purpose lies in helping others navigate the storm of mental illness and addiction.

I have always had a passion for helping people but had a tough time figuring out how that would present itself; then came Colour Me Worthy! In order to better be able to support those that will visit Colour Me Worthy and any of the services we offer, I not only bring to the table the experience of a loved one but am currently taking the Community Support Worker Program through Robertson College.

For those of you stumbling around in the dark world of mental illness or addiction, please know that you matter, you are worthy and you are not alone.

For the loved ones, please make sure to remember you are important also & to take care of yourself. Also know that I am here for you to lean on in your times of need- as someone who has watched my daughter struggle for many years.

Also know that as long as there is breath, there is hope. Don't give up.

Brooke Frizell

Vice-President / Co-Founder

I've spent most of my life battling mental illness and another good portion stuck in the depths of addiction. I've lived on the streets and been institutionalized and I can say, with absolute certainty that I should not be alive today, and yet I am. It wasn't until a little over one year ago that I finally stopped using hard drugs. This decision came shortly after a friend of mine died from an overdose. That was the turning point where I decided to commit my life to helping others who suffer from mental illness and addiction so as to hopefully prevent the loss of more lives. I believe that I am alive today for a reason and I do think that reason is to fulfill my purpose of helping others in the process of their own healing.

I am currently enrolled in a Community Support Worker program and have a certification in reiki and life/transition coaching.

If there is anything I want to say to those who are struggling right now, it would be that it truly is possible to heal and overcome the darkness. You are not alone and you are worthy of leading a happy, healthy life. 

For those who don't have first hand experience, please understand that the root of mental illness and addiction most often stems from unresolved trauma. We need your help in coming together to provide support to those who need healing.

Everyone deserves to live their best life, but we must work together to ensure that is a possibility available to everyone.

Danielle St. Pierre

Secretary / Board Member

I was 16 when I first started dreaming of building a treatment centre for our homeless population and those struggling with mental illness and addiction. This dream became more important after my own personal struggles with PTSD.

In January 2016, after experiencing a series of flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks and unexplained emotions, I was diagnosed with PTSD. My PTSD stems from a history of physical, sexual and psychological abuse that started when I was fourteen.

After being diagnosed, I began attending a PTSD recovery program. I attended weekly for a year and a half. Today, I have over come much of my trauma, however, I still have a long way to go.

I have always been passionate about helping people as much as I can. 

For everyone who is currently struggling with mental health and/or addictions, just know that you are not alone. The road is a hard one but it is worth it. Believe in yourself.